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Having Trouble with your iPad Air 2 ?

The iPad Air 2 is a trending Apple product that has modern features, capabilities, and design. If you have such a device keeping it damage-free will provide peace of mind and allow years of usage. Released on October 22th, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is known for its thin, light and portable features.

Coming in at 2048 by 1536-pixel resolution, this massive display resembles the screen size of the iPad Air. The device inherited similar hardware and features of many Apple products such as the iPhone 6 processor and the iPhone 5S camera capabilities. Coming in three different colors, the iPad Air 2 still is one of the most popular iPads’ available on Apples’ product list.

Known for its large screen size the Apple iPad product series may have a difficult to maintain screen. It is built with a scratch-resistant glass that has an oleophobic coating. But despite those features, scratches, and cracks on a touchscreen can hinder on the usability of the iPad. So, if your screen has been damaged, there is no need to panic, as the staff at the iPad Air 2 repair shop in Zephyrhills can fix your device quickly.

Just like most Apple products, the iPad Air 2 and water do not mix. Keeping a careful eye on your device when handling it around water is a must to ensure that it holds up a long-term performance. The liquid should not enter any opening or cracks of the iPad such as the microphone, headphone jack or other.

Water damage can be very problematic for such devices, thus you must entrust someone that is a trained specialize in fixing iPads. Thus, having a reliable iPad Air repair shop near you is important if your device happens to have water damage. At Phone Repair and More, we offer fast and qualified iPad repair services.

With a built-in 27.3 watt-hours rechargeable lithium-polymer battery you will find yourself scrolling through your iPad Air 2 for endless hours without needing to recharge the device. The device is reported to last up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi. Just as most Apple products the iPad is charged via a power adapter, so it can be easily taken on the go.

Having battery damage can be a frustrating flaw that will drain your battery quickly.  If your device is experiencing battery or charging problems, searching for an iPad Air 2 near me repair shop is advised.Our team will examine and consult the customer on how we can professionally fix your iPad.

A damage-free iPad can assure a durable product. Hence, if your iPad Air 2 is having problems be sure to bring it into our shop and get it diagnosed with a free estimate. Call now.


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