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iPad Mini 1 & 2 Repair


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iPad Mini Repair at Zephyrhills, Florida

Many people purchased the iPad Mini 1 after it was released in 2012 because it was compact and had most of the features of the iPad. Since it was lightweight and small in size, it was easier to carry in your pocket. Research has indicated that the life span of the average Apple gadget like is approximately four years. Many iPad Mini users in Zephyrhills, Florida continue to use the same iPad for more than five years. Hence, they should be aware of the services offered by Phone Repair and More.

Like most electronic gadgets, the performance of the iPad Mini declines over time. Most iPad Mini users will ignore minor problems in the iPad, like button related problems or the battery draining quickly. If you have problems with your iPad, you should visit our shop to get your  gadget fixed by the experienced technicians.

The iPad Mini 2 was released in 2013, and has many features which are similar to the iPad Mini 1. One of the most common iPad Mini 2 repair problems is related to the battery. The skilled technicians at the Zephyrhills iPad repair shop will use the diagnostic equipment available to find out the exact reason for the battery problem and fix it.

The most common problem related to iPad Mini is usually related to the display of the iPad, which includes a glass screen and LCD. Since the user is using the iPad Mini frequently, it can accidentally fall or hit a hard surface. Due to this, the glass may develop cracks and also shatter into smaller pieces.

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