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Charging Dock
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Front Camera Repair
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Home Button Repair
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Tempered Glass Screen Protector
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Affordable iPhone 5S repair shop in Zephyrhills, Florida

There could be numerous reasons your beloved iPhone 5S does not properly work anymore. It could be frustrating to see your old buddy not fulfilling your smartphone needs. Maybe the screen got damaged while it accidentally fell out of your pocket, or you might have smashed it against the wall in frustration one day. Maybe your iPhone 5S got waterlogged while you were taking a dip in the ocean. Crazy, but it happens! Well, if you are anywhere near Zephyrhills, Florida and are looking for a reputed Zephyrhills iPhone 5S repair expert to look at your damaged phone, you have come to the right place. At Phone Repair And More we specialize in fixing gadgets and smartphones.

When the iPhone 5S screen is broken

A cracked or broken screen doesn’t necessarily stop you from using your iPhone, but it could get hectic for your eyes trying to read texts or contact numbers around the broken screen. Also, if you love watching videos on your iPhone, the quality could get poor due to the cracked screen, in turn hurting your eyes.

There is no need to make do with broken glass. If you are in Zephyrhills and are wondering, ‘where can I find iPhone 5S screen repair near me?’, look no further. We provide the best quality replacement screen to make your iPhone as good as new. You get to choose between different types of glasses, such as premium and non-premium and also wait and watch while we repair the screen with high-quality parts in front of you.

When the battery just won’t last long

Going to be outdoors for hours together and not carrying your power bank? No problem if your iPhone 5S battery is in excellent condition. If it is not and you are thinking to yourself, ‘is there a phone repair shop near me?’, head to the highly organized technicians at the nearby Zephyrhills iPhone repair shop. At the iPhone 5S repair store, we thoroughly run all the required diagnostics on your precious phone to identify whether there is an app or a setting that is causing your battery to drain quicker than usual.

As long as the battery is fixable through software setting changes, you will not need to purchase a new battery. When all else fails, we provide your iPhone 5S with a new lease of life with a brand new replacement battery. In no time, your iPhone will be up and running again.

Charging port and other issues

At times, when your iPhone 5S stops charging, the battery or the software settings are not the problems anymore. It is more to do with a broken or damaged port. If you are walking down the street with an iPhone or an iPad that just won’t charge, and wondering, ‘where can I find iPad repair near me’, walk into the Phone Repair And More for a free estimate. Sometimes all your phone’s lightning port needs is a good cleanup. However, there are risks associated with trying it out on your own. Trust the experts to clean precisely and carefully. If that does not work, we use high-quality replacement parts to get your port active again in no time.

A host of other issues could be troubling your iPhone 5S or other apple devices including your Macbook. If you are clueless about how to get your device back in shape, speak with the service technicians at the Phone Repair And More in Florida.


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