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iPhone X Repair


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iPhone X Repair Near Me

Is your iPhone X acting up? Is your screen broken or cracked? Or is your iPhone X is damaged by water? If so, you don’t have to purchase a new iPhone. Instead, visit Phone Repair and More and we can handle fix your iPhone X. We also provide services for iPhone X screen repair. In addition we offer iPhone X water damage repair services. Contact the best iPhone repair shop in Zephyrhills, Florida.


Here is Why You Should Choose Phone Repair & More:

Phone Repair And More is the top Zephyrhills iPhone repair shop in central Florida. You can trust our team of phone repair technicians. When you search for the keywords phone repair shop near me, you’ll see that we are ranked #1 on Google for iPhone repair in Zephyrhills.


Quick iPhone X Repair

We fix your iPhone X or other iPhone as quickly as possible. We have been able to fix several units of iPhone X within a few hours. This is because we understand how important your phone is to you so we won’t keep it a single minute longer than necessary.


Original iPhone Repair Parts

If we come across a damaged component in your iPhone X, we’ll quickly replace it with another original component. We have an inventory of original iPhone X replacement parts. This is why we’re able to fix virtually all iPhone issues.


We Fix Broken iPhone X Screens, Water Damage, & More

Whether it is a broken screen, water damage, or any other problem, we have the skill, tools, and human resources to get it fixed as quickly as possible. In addition, we offer top-notch repair services. We try to maintain the resale value of your phone so when we replace a damaged screen, nobody will know the screen has been replaced. This is because we use original iPhone X screens.


Professional iPhone Repair

We have been in business for several years and we have fixed several generations of iPhones. It is needless to remind you that experience often comes with a high level of expertise. Despite our high level of experience, we still get better every day. Most other iPhone repair shops in Zephyrhills cannot match our experience.

Best Phone Repair Tools

We understand that no matter our level of experience, we can’t possibly provide great services without the right tools. So, we spare no expense when it comes to our tools. We keep upgrading our tools and repair technologies to the latest one. Only very few repair shops can match our technology. This is why we consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Affordable iPhone Repair Services

Despite the high quality of our iPhone repair services, we charge the best prices compared to our local competitors. This is why our customer base keeps increasing by the day.


Quality Customer Service

Our customer service is great. We know that the most effective means of advertisement is through reference and recommendations from happy and satisfied customers. That is why we strive to keep our customers happy and satisfied. We’re glad to let you know that most of our customers were referred by other customers.

If you have any issue with your iPhone X or any other iPhone, feel free to contact us immediately. We’ll be too glad to repair it.