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iPhone XR Repair


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With more than 1.4 billion active users on Apple devices (from Macs, iPods, iPads, Apple TVs, Apple Watches and iPhones), you have an one in seven chance to be an iPhone user in the world. The iPhone XR is the latest in long line of cutting-edge iPhone technology, based off their predecessor the iPhone X. With every piece of smartphone technology created, it always comes with the issues brought about by life’s unprecedented challenges. Hence, there is always a need for the iPhone XR repair.


iPhone XR  Services

The iPhone XR promises the longest battery life ever in the series. It also contains water and splash resistant properties. The standout selling point is the latest LCD tech with liquid retina and innovative backlight design that enables you to enjoy true-to-life colors all around the screen. The iPhone XR is made from aerospace-grade aluminum brands and designed to be more convenient with accessibility to wireless charging. With the A12 bionic chip, relish in the augmented reality with proper speed control and fluidity in all your activities.

Even when meeting unfortunate circumstances, we can solve your issues regardless or the severity.


iPhone XR Battery Replacement

Batteries are the life source to every electronic device. While your batteries may fail on you, we will not. Without a good battery, you cannot reap the full benefits of the iPhone XR fluidity screen. Promising to be the longest battery life, we will make sure the battery will retain its quality to assure a long sustainable usage.


iPhone XR Screen Repair/Replacement

A large screen makes all the difference, you can enjoy liquid retina on a quality screen compared to the past iPhone’s series like the 6,7, or 8. Soak in the vivid colors and visuals with these LCD screens. At times, accidents are inevitable. An accidental drop may cause a deep crack into the depths of your charming screen. Send it to us right away to have your iPhone XR screen restored to pristine conditions and still retaining the visual allure.


iPhone XR Faulty Charging Port Repair

With the new generation of iPhones, the charging ports are also your sound jacks. Having a faulty port means not enjoying your videos and audios with the privacy we desire. This can frustrate many of us especially on long rides to and from school/work. Our iPhone XS max repair services can help restore that exclusive joy to being in your own world.


iPhone XR Faulty Front/Back Camera Repair/Replacement

Cameras now capture more than just pictures. Smartphones are used to capture memorable life moments. Would be a shame to not be able to take the selfies or group shots of that outfit of the day without your smart device. If you accidentally dropped your iPhone XR we can fix it for you within a timely manner to minimize any disruption in your daily activities.


iPhone XR Water Damage Repair

To have your iPhone drowned in the deep pool or dunked in the washing machine can be one of the most heart breaking instances. Rest assured, our iPhone XR water damage repair services will provide the necessary work to fix your iPhone at Phone Repair & More.