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As Apple and Microsoft-certified repair experts with 10 years of experience under our belts, we guarantee a satisfying experience. Our downtown location in Zephyrhills, Florida is easy to find. Drop by and let our friendly staff handle the rest. You can also get latest model instead of getting your phone repaired. In addition we can buy your old or damaged phone, give you trade-in dollars for the phone you want, and even help you buy a new phone that you’ll love. We’ll help you trade up, too. The choice is yours.

Why Choose Phone Repair and More in Dade City Florida?

Affordable Cell Phone and Gadget Repairs in Dade City, FL

Find professional iPhone, android, and computer repair services in Dade City, Florida. Repairing damaged or broken iPhones and Android phones require skill and knowledge to diagnose and fix. At Phone Repair and More we specialize in fixing damaged smart phones and computers. We are trusted Dade City gadget repair experts, who have the appropriate qualifications and years of experience in handling various phone repair and computer services. Give us a call today, whether you need to get your smartphone or a laptop fixed.

With today’s technological advances, many people now have smartphones and computers at home or work. Most business owners also use iPhones and Android systems to perform most of their operations. We are a trusted gadget repair company that helps customers solve all their smartphone and computer problems.

As people continue to buy smartphones and computers in Dade City, they will also need a local phone repair shop to fix their gadget if it gets damaged. That is why so many gadget repair companies appear in search results when people search for a local phone repair store near me. However, finding an affordable Dade City phone repair store is challenging. At Phone Repair and More we offer the best prices for phone repair and gadget repair services in Dade City.

Dade City, Florida Phone Repair Shop

We are known as Dade City, Florida phone repair experts who are experienced in android repair. Supplied with all the tools, equipment and parts to perform full iPhone and Android repair services. We use the best equipment and components recommended by the manufacturers for all repairs that are made. That is what makes us stand behind our phone repair services with service warranties.

Most iPhone and Android technicians offer a wide range of services, such as repairing portable power supplies, repairing power supplies, repairing components, accessories and upgrades. We offer a variety of these services and ensure that your devices always work effectively. Whatever the problem you may encounter with your smartphone or computer, we have professionals on demand to fix your device.

Another benefit of hiring cell phone repair experts from Dade City Florida is that we provide reliable support to our customers. Some companies offer online remote support for iPhone and Android owners, while others provide commercial, technical support services to companies that operate large iPhone and Android systems. Such services are necessary to ensure that problems are identified and resolved in cases where an expert is not immediately available.

Professional Phone Repair Store

We are professionals that are committed to guaranteeing satisfaction to each client. You can be assured of having high-quality services by hiring a trusted phone repair company that has built a reputation fixing cell phones and computers. Our experts also provide regular maintenance services for various iPhone models, Android phones, and different brand laptop systems. This service is especially crucial for device owners to help avoid problems that can easily affect daily operations.

Long-term reliability is another benefit of seeking a professional computer repair company services. If you are looking for computer repair services near me, you will not have to look far for in Dade City every time you encounter a problem. We have a technician that creates a long-term partnership with customers and that covers all your needs. Rest assured with our reliable gadget repair services.

You will find many companies that offer a range of technical services and solutions. Choosing the best depends on your choice and budget. With the increasing demand for phone and computer repair services each day, we continue to offer a range of same day services and phone repair solutions.

Dade City One-Stop Repair Shop

Phone Repair and More is a reputable company that provides expert gadget repair services in Dade City Florida for phone and computer repair services. Call us now for a free estimate.

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