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As Apple and Microsoft-certified repair experts with 10 years of experience under our belts, we guarantee a satisfying experience. Our location in Tampa, Florida is easy to find. Drop by and let our friendly staff handle the rest. You can also get latest model instead of getting your phone repaired. In addition we can buy your old or damaged phone, give you trade-in dollars for the phone you want, and even help you buy a new phone that you’ll love. We’ll help you trade up, too. The choice is yours.

Why Choose Phone Repair and More in Tampa, Florida

Gadget Repair Tampa

In today’s busy world, no one can afford to be without their phone. So, what do you do if you suddenly find yourself with a broken phone or damaged computer? The solution is simple if you’re in the Tampa area, just visit Phone Repair and More and get the expert help you need to quickly get your gadget repaired! We don’t just service phones, in fact, you’ll find that we can fix almost any electronic device, including iPads, Androids, iPhones and even laptop and desktop computer repair services! Phone Repair and More is your one stop shop for all gadget repair services in Tampa.

Phone Repair Tampa

Does your phone have a broken screen preventing you from accessing your photos, videos or bookmarks? No problem, just bring your Android or iPhone in and we’ll outline exactly how we can recover your files, repair or replace your broken screen, and make your device feel like new again.

Without a doubt we’re the best Tampa phone repair specialists! When it comes to phone or computer repair services, our employees have seen it all. No other Tampa phone repair company delivers the quality and guaranteed satisfaction that you’ll find at Phone Repair and More.

iPad Repair Tampa

iPads and iPhones are premium products that require skilled technicians to repair. Our Tampa iPad Repair specialist have the expertise and experience to get your iPad repaired quickly and easily. The iPad repair team can replace virtually any part of your iPad meaning there is no problem we can’t solve when you bring in your broken iPad. What about broken tablets? Don’t worry, we’re the Tampa tablet repair specialists as well! Got a broken Android tablet instead? Bring it in and we’ll take a look!

Have you locked yourself out of your phone or iPad? It’s not the end of the world, as our expert staff can handle this, and any other tech emergency that may arise. Just bring your device in and one of our Tampa phone repair specialists will assess the situation and outline how we can help fix the issue.

Computer Repair Tampa

Is your desktop computer slow, error prone or filled with viruses? No computer problem is too big or too small for our Tampa computer repair experts. With decades of combined experience, our seasoned computer repair technicians always get the job done right!

Perhaps you have a broken or malfunctioning device, but don’t know if it can be salvaged or if it is worth saving? To answer your question, if it’s an electronic device, there is a good chance we can fix it! However, if you’re ever in doubt, we’re always happy to provide a free estimate! Give us a call or visit us in-store to learn more about our Tampa computer repair services and to ask us any and all questions you have about our repair services

Laptop Repair Tampa 

Do you have a laptop or desktop computer that no longer boots up, or that you no longer have the correct password for the system? No problem, our Tampa computer repair professionals have resolved these types of issues many times before. We’re here to help you restore any computer, phone or tablet to working order!

If you’re trying to recover lost files, restore old systems, repair broken or unstable devices, or otherwise in need of tech repair services in Tampa, we’ve got you covered. Has your phone or computer slowed down to the point of becoming unresponsive or unusable? Again, we’ve got you covered. We provide computer repair services of the highest caliber, and provide professional level repair at easy to afford prices.

Tampa Phone Repair Near Me

If you’re still reading at this point, then I think you get the point! We’re the Tampa phone repair experts! When your phone, laptop, tablet or other device gives you grief, rest easy knowing that our friendly expert staff is here to help. Call us or come visit our Tampa iPhone repair location today if you have a problem with your phone, iPad, computer or any other electronic device for a free estimate. Lastly we sell used and new phones and much more.  

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